Savannah, Georgia

Who Should Attend the Footwear Symposium?

  • Footwear Makers: Exchange knowledge, show off your work, interact with vendors
  • Shoe & Boot Designers: Find inspiration; obtain deeper understanding about the footwear construction; find American makers who can turn your designs into real products
  • Shoe Repair Experts: Learn about shoe construction; find new sources for materials
  • Shoe Making Students: Meet top shoe design experts and other students; learn about shoe making classes

Why Hold A Footwear Symposium?

It is as simple as this. Mentorship in all its forms must be rekindled if newcomers are to thrive, masters to fulfill their role as teachers, and bespoke shoemaking is to survive. Little did Marcel Mrsan know when he started the Shoemaking Forum that such a profound hunger for shoemaking knowledge and camaraderie existed. He thought, “maybe a thousand members”.

The Forum is now at over 6500 members and growing. Marcel, as well as everyone involved now knows, “we’ve really got something here.” Miraculous! The openness, free sharing enthusiasm, and forward looking nature of the forum has struck a chord in the hearts of those longing to create through shoemaking. The numbers say it all!

The next natural step is to physically gather as a thriving community; no matter the member’s level of experience; to exchange knowledge, organize, make friends, and celebrate our rare and unique passion; making shoes and boots. Together, as a community, we can be a powerful force, a union, with the strength to keep our profession alive.

United, we can raise our standards and fill the need for skilled shoemakers, and in the process feed our desire to be makers of high quality footwear.

Please join us in Savannah Georgia for 2017 The Footwear Symposium! (Dates TBA)

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